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Victor Galarza Sentenced to 17 Years in Federal Prison

For over 4 years, one name has haunted the survivors in our family. One man seemed to be the link to so much trauma, so many pimps, so many survivors, etc. That name is Victor Galarza.

Victor Galarza was an "influencer" from New York that would coordinate sex parties for Americans in Medellin, Colombia.

What he would do is rape young girls. He would rape victims as young as 14. Would force them to be with his friends, other pedophiles from the United States. He would also film these rapes and upload them to different porn sites.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Libertas International, The Colombian National Police, CIRF, and HSI he was arrested in 2019.

A global pandemic happened, which slowed the process.

And even in jail he continued to cause harm. He tried to traffic a survivor even behind bars.

And in May of 2022, he was finally sentenced to federal prison. He was a sex trafficker, he was a pedophile, and he was a child pornographer and now he will spend the next 17 years behind bars.

He was forced to pay 100k in restitution.

At the end of this long journey, we share a letter from one of the victims.


The reason I write this letter is to let myself vent for all that I have felt over these last few years. You may only remember me as the girl that fell in your net and someone who trusted everything that you sold yourself to be.

I don’t write this letter to offend you but only with the purpose that you are aware of all of the bad things that have occurred to me and that continues to plague me. It has not been easy.

What you made me do, I did not do for fun. I did it because I was in desperate need during that time of my life and what you made me so was so difficult and painful for me, but for you it was easy. I thank God and life that you are going to pay for everything you have done but it is not fair that I have to pay as well, because nothing that happened was my fault, yet here I am paying for it and wrestling with it every day.

I don’t feel hatred for you. I have felt much worse than hated for you and a mix of emotions that I never thought I would have to feel. For example, the feeling of when a friend told me “listen, I just finished watching your pornographic video” in one of the most famous and most visited pages of pornography. You have no idea how my world came falling apart when I had to deal with my own mother, friends, acquaintances, and strangers who viewed me and judged me, I simply wanted to stop existing.

It is so hard for me all the time because people recognize me and make me feel like someone who I’m not. I have received plenty of threats, harassment, things that you may never suffer. I have felt fear, humiliation, deception, embarrassment, uneasiness, and self-pity. And I haven’t even started with the damage you’ve done to my mental health.

Sadly, I know you will never feel everything that I feel. I hope you live a long life in jail so you can repent of all the damage you’ve done that you not only did to me, but to hundreds of women.


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