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Trafficker from Project Carillo Sentenced to 24 years in Jail

In 2021, we were referred a case of a 12 year old little girl.

Police officers from Immigration in Miami arrested a suspected Narco Trafficker named Ruby Nelson Escudero. While they had him on drug charges and illegal immigration, they discovered another crime on his cell phone.

On his cell phone they discovered images that are too horrific to disclose in a blog, but agents watched this little girl grow up on his phone.

The girl was rescued, and placed into the safe care of Libertas International. Ruby was sent to prison.

When Ruby finally faced a federal judge in Miami, Florida he was met by members of our leadership team, who testified about the trauma that Ruby inflicted on his victims.

And when the dust settled, the federal judge in Florida gave Ruby 24 years in federal prison.

And now, the survivor is thriving, as was her right in the first place.

Project Carillo

1 Arrested

1 Recovered


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