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Survivor's Business Supports Colombian Military

About two years ago , we had the blessing of welcoming a 28 year old survivor into our family in Colombia.

This survivor comes from a rough past. Including being trafficked in CSAM and by Americans from the time she was 11 till she was 22. And because of how small she was, she was still sold as a "minor" even though she was over 18. So when state actors came they always released her back to the traffickers after seeing her ID.

She came to us with a small family, and we right away started supporting them as well. We also helped her set up a small sewing business. She makes swimsuits that match the color of the sea where she lives.


s been a work in process but she has been working hard to grow her business. But last month she got a big break!

She was awarded a government contract! She will now be making all the new uniforms for the new army recruits in her city!

And the most beautiful part? It was that same military that was part of her final rescue. And now she is getting paid to make their uniforms.

You make this happen, your donations help support the work of liberation and healing.


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