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Survivor Rescued by Libertas International completes internship with Libertas International

In April of 2018, Libertas International was part of an operation in Guatemala that ended up rescuing a very brave and very shy 13 year old girl. This survivor had been trafficked by local gangs since the time she was 9 years old, and that day she found her liberation.

5 years later, Libertas International helped walk with her through her healing and her educational journey. Supporting her therapy as well as her high school education. Engraved in her ring on the day she graduated is the date of the day she was rescued. April 8th 2018.

Now in college, her ultimate dream is to work for Libertas International as a clinical social worker. So our first step was making sure she has the experience to make sure that happens.

This survivor from Guatemala traveled all the way to Colombia to complete an internship with our team in Colombia. She picked up survivors at the airport after they were being repatriated, she worked with survivors in crisis, she provided celebrations during important events.

This survivor who was been given so much is now giving back in a real way.

Survivors rescue themselves.

We are excited for her future!


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