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"My Husband Wants to Kill Me."

Project Life Car. Peru

A few months back, our team got a frantic phone call from a 18 year old girl. She detailed how during the pandemic she moved in with a 43 year old man and had a child with him. Over time, he became increasing more violent, and increasing more controlling.

He took her cell phone, won't let her see her son, and beat her within an inch of her life. But she got lucky...when he left for work he left his cell phone at home.

She was brave and reached out for help, its common that battered women dont ask for help. She did.


My Husband is going to kill me."

We acted. She lives in Iquitos, Peru. The TIP Hero award winner from the year 2023 happens to live there. We called her, she acted, and two hours later the survivor was rescued along with her 1 year old son.

After the arrested, Libertas International covered the cost of transportation for the police as well as an AirByb for the survivor.


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