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A Dangerous Return to El Salvador

At 11-years old, a prominent gang in El Salvador tried to recruit Gina as a sex slave. She was able to flee with her mother to Guatemala, “disrespecting the gang” in the process and putting a target on her back if she ever returned. In Guatemala, her mother started living with a predator who molested Gina and ultimately got her pregnant. The government intervened and put her in an aftercare home. Gina ultimately kept the baby but her medical provider administered painkillers to the baby that were meant for her, the mother. Her baby dies in her arms as she traveled back to the aftercare home. This harrowing experience continues to affect her.

Gina is now 18 and married, she recently had a successful delivery to a new baby boy. Her high-risk pregnancy was something that Gifts of Grace was able to help cover. But, her documentation status is up in Guatemala and she cannot become a citizen until she returns to El Salvador. What’s worse is the man who molested her as a child knows where she lives and has been threatening her. Gifts of Grace and our partners were able to personally escort Gina to El Salvador to ensure her safety and are hoping to help with the prosecution of those who seek to harm her. She is now a proud owner of a legal license, thus preventing deportation for the time being.

Thanks to you we are able to be with Gina every step of the way as she fights for the life she deserves.


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