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Love With No Strings Attached

Love That’s Finally Free

A doomsday cult was all 8-year old Natalie knew when she was rescued from a life of sexual abuse in Peru. The cult’s “prophet” leader had multiple wives, but would request sexual sessions with children, including Natalie. An outsider tipped local law enforcement and Natalie was rescued.

Gifts of Grace is helping her through the trial process as her abusers are brought to justice. As the COVID-19 pandemic initiated, we were able to supply the entire home with masks and cleaning supplies. The kids are also being supported in their educational needs.

Natalie shared that what she loves most is that she ask for things without having to “give or do something in return.” Too often there are always strings attached for victims of trafficking, be it food, “love”, or other basic necessities. Natalie loves being able to go outside when she wants, eat when she needs and have a COVID face mask simply because we love her—and that’s all a little girl needs to know. Thank you so much for your donations that allow us to keep loving!

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