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My Brother Was My Trafficker

"Trafficked by her brothers high school friends"

Jasmin ran away from home and was living in the streets in Mexico. The reason? At only 10 years old, her brother had been abusing her for years. But this time, he brought over his friends.

His friends were allowed to touch her, and they paid the brother money based on what they did to her. They were high school students. This was her life from the time she was 6 until she was 10 until a very brave teacher noticed her tired eyes and the bruises all over her body and decided to call the local law enforcement in her area. She knew the signs.

Jasmin was rescued and Gifts of Grace was able to meet her immediate needs such as shelter, food, and legal services. Later as she continues to grow to receive psychological care. Jasmin’s dream was to go to a private Christian school. The tuition of the school costs around $150 USD every month.

We are proud to be able to sponsor Jasmin! She is now part of the Gifts of Grace family. All donations to Gifts of Grace help Jasmin and other innocent victims know that they are loved and that their lives do matter.

Jasmin also has to attend a hearing very soon and will have to see her brother and her friends. Through your donations, a talented artist was able to draw this sweet girl as a super hero, so that she will feel brave and strong when she see's her exploiters in her pursuit of justice.

To become a monthly donor at Gifts of Grace, or to purchase one of these pictures for these girls, please visit

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