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He Wasn't Who He Said He Was

The Mask of Internet Trolls

"If you don’t _______, do you really love me?"

When it comes to sexual crimes, family members are involved far too often. Young Amy had been sexually exploited by her own grandfather since she was 5 years old. When she was 9, she met a boy on the Internet. He had an American picture, but spoke Spanish. Amy felt loved and special from the attention she was receiving. The boy started asking for intimate pictures saying things like, “If you don’t send this to me, do you really love me?” She wanted to continue feeling “loved” since she wasn’t getting it at home, and sent many things.

Amy’s perpetrator began threatening that he would post things on the internet if she didn’t send him more. Things began to turn more graphic. Amy was miraculously rescued and sent to a safe aftercare home. Turns out her “boy” was a 59-year old American man—a far-too-familiar situation for many survivors.

Amy expressed a desire to become a beautician. At Gifts of Grace we’ve contracted a professional cosmetologist to go to Amy’s aftercare home and teach her and other girls beauty school and business lessons. Your support allows us to empower young girls to feel beautiful and safe; and to live out their dreams.

In order of Gifts of Grace to continue to work and serve on behalf of survivors all over Latin America, we need your support!

To donate to Gifts of Grace, visit

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