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2019 In Review

Gifts of Grace just finished up our most successful year yet! We couldn't do this life saving work without you. While there are still many more children who are in need of help, we want to take time to celebrate and thank you for the nearly 1500 children who have been impacted since our inspection.

A few highlights this year...

Dominican Republic

-The opening of our new training center in Santo Domingo. This area will be used as an educational refuge for children in the area as well as a safe place to come in cases of danger and exploitation.

-We continue to provide education and scholarships to survivors of human trafficking, sexual exploitation and child pornography. This year, we increased our reach to over 150 girls since our inspection. This is our flagship program focused on aftercare and prevention.

-Prenatal care for a survivor of sexual violence.


-Gifts of Grace is supplying the needs of the survivors from the fire of Hogar Seguro with their basic physical and educational needs as they prepare for other legal and personal proceedings.

-Gifts of Grace paid for the funeral of a young baby in Guatemala after he passed away due to a medical mistake. His mother is 14 years old.

-In one of the hardest cases we've ever had to work, Gifts of Grace has been supplying funding for rehab services for a young girl who was touted, trafficked, and became addicted to drugs and is seeking to turn her life around and live a life free of addiction.


-Gifts of Grace continues to support refugees from Venezuela who have fled the country and are making their home in other countries. This year included rescuing a young Venezuelan girl being trafficked to Haiti via the Dominican Republic.

-Gifts of Grace continues to fund aftercare for survivors of trafficking from Venezuela who have taken refugee in Peru.


-A survivor of sex tourism and child pornography reached out to us for help while she is in the middle of her trial and aftercare. Gifts of Grace is able to provide scholarships for her to study English as well as finish her education that she missed out on while being trapped in the world of trafficking and exploitation.


-Gifts of Grace was able to provide for transport for a survivor of trafficking who was being trafficked in Mexico, was rescued there, and wished to return home to Honduras.


-In Peru, we help support the repairs on an aftercare home for survivors of child pornography that was damaged by a nearby fire in a bread factory.

-Venezuelan refugees who are fleeing the oppression and violence in Venezuela are receiving aftercare for trauma that occurred during their journeys as well as scholarships so that they may study and continue in life in their new home.

-We helped a survivor of trafficking from Colombia return home after she was trafficked to Peru. Gifts of Grace paid for her reunion with her parents who hadn't seen her in 2 years since her exploitation.


-While our Haiti outreach team wasn't able to travel to Haiti due to the political unrest, our partners on the ground continued to provide scholarships and meals to some of the most vulnerable youth living in Haiti.

United States

-The Star Valley Braves 3A State Champions rallied behind our cause to raise over $1,500 for us! Thank you!

-Two local students from Wyoming are in the fight to change legislation in Wyoming so that we may improve upon our C grade from Shared Hope International.

-Donors from the United States donated during Giving Tuesday in order to preform emergency evacuations of survivors living in a very dangerous situation.


-Gifts of Grace prides itself on being a very transparent NGO. Below you can see the countries where the funding of the organization is spent. This year we raised more funds than we have ever had in the past and our donors deserve to know where that money is spent. See below for details.

There is no way to thank you for all your generosity and good you have done this year!

The bad news is that there are still millions of children in need of rescue and aftercare, and they are praying and counting on us for their support. Let's start the new decade by funding further prevention, liberation, and rehabilitation for survivors of exploitation all across Latin America.

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