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"Help! They are taking me to Haiti!"

We met *Maci over a phone call less than a week ago. Maci is a young girl who fled to the Dominican Republic to escape the growing violence and economic collapse in her home country of Venezula.

She arrived in Dominican Republic safe and sound. D.R. has been very accepting of refugees fleeing South America! She got a good job, and began sending money back to her family in Venezula.

While Maci continued to have success in her new home, her family back in Venezula were still suffering in poverty and political unrest. During this time, her grandmother became very ill, needing an emergency surgery. Maci needed to look for an additional source of income.

She came into contact with a man named Leon. Leon promised her economic prosperity. All she had to do was get on a bus that would take her to her new job. They hadn't told her what her new job would entail.

On the bus ride there, Leon told Maci that she would be expected to strip and have sex with high end Haitian clients in Port a Prince, Haiti. They would be trafficked across the DR/Haiti border. Leon was a recruiter, a trafficker, an evil professional finding vulnerable girls to work in his club. Because of her race and her situation, Maci was a prime target for this trafficker. Maci still, by the grace of God, had her phone, sent a frantic text to someone she trusted and said "Help! They are taking me to Haiti!"

Over a span of 30 minutes, this message was forwarded on to our team on the ground. Due to our connections in the police force, we were able to mobilize a unit to go to different checkpoints across the country to catch this bus that was trafficking girls to Haiti. In the northern part of the country, the bus driver saw different police forces mounting at different checkpoints, panicked, parked the bus and fled into the jungle along with the rest of the traffickers. The police raided the bus and ensured that all of the survivors were ok.

Maci is collaborating with local police to ensure that the trafficking network is taken down and this organization can never exploit young girls ever again. She is also receiving aftercare services and Gifts of Grace helped pay for part of her grandmothers surgery. She is also soon to be enrolled in a business training course with the hopes that she can open her own business.

All this was made possible by our monthly donors! Our monthly donors allow us to have some kind of projection for the future and allows us to allocate funds for emergency services like this. If it were not for our monthly donor population, Maci would likely have beeen exploited and abused in Haiti by numerous men against her will. She owes you her freedom!

To become a monthly donor, click on the link below

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