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"He Made Me Watch"

*Kathy was a young girl in Central America who enjoyed playing just like any other kid. Her older sister was her best friend, always chasing her in the street, always sneaking away to find wild fruit, and always having someone to be with. They lived life just like any other pair of sisters in the world.

When Kathy was just 6 years old, her father died in a car crash and her mother remarried 6 months later. This man, however, was very different from her father. It started when her step father would begin having sex with her mother while Kathy and her sister were in the same room. This occurred for about 6 months. Kathy was a big fan of Dora the Explorer, and she liked to watch Dora while playing with her dolls. Her new stepfather made her watch pornography instead while she was playing with her dolls. This tactic is known as "grooming" and it involves trying to make sexual acts appear normal to children.

After a few months of this, Kathy's step father began forcing Kathy and her sister to watch him and their mother have sex, wanting them to watch details of what he enjoyed..

His intent was to preform these sexual acts on these two young girls.

After two nights of this, Kathy was in school and told her teacher about what she had seen and what was happening in their home. The teacher, being familiar with grooming tactics used by predators, reported this incident to the local police where they intervened and were rescued from their abusive household.

With parental rights being taken away from both parents, Kathy and her sister are officially orphaned. They will continue in an aftercare home until the time they are 18 years old, which for Kathy's older sister, is only a few years away.

Gifts of Grace has started a college fund for these two girls! Allowing money to be put aside so that when they turn 18, they will not have to worry about whether tuition is going to be paid for not. This will allow both of these girls to dream more than they have ever been able to in their whole lives! Their dreams of being a chef and a pilot can come true thanks to your donations.

We also have contributed to the aftercare of this specific home, funding other girls in this home college education and improving overall quality of the home.

"He made me watch," were some of the terms used when Kathy was describing what was done to her, Now she lives in freedom and hope, thanks to the support of Gifts of Grace and our donors! Thank you!

Donations to support Kathy can be made via

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