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"You've Found This Place!"

*Emily was a young girl growing up in one of the poorest villages in the world. To make things worse, Emily lived close to one of the largest red light districts in the Caribbean, making her a prime target for human traffickers seeking to exploit young girls.

She wasn't in school, making her even more vulnerable, until Gifts of Grace showed up in her village and promised to pay for her school. She received good grades as she continued to catch up on all her schooling.

Emily was 15 years old when she met a boy, a much older boy, who was interested in being with her. Having never had attention like this, she was flattered. He promised her the rags to riches story and all she would have to do would be to come with her to a different part of the city and both their lives would be different. She ran away from home.

When she arrived at his home, not 15 minutes from her old one, her boyfriend began pumping her full of drugs and invited his friends over for a "party" where she was trafficked and abused by her boyfriends friends. Feeling trapped, she had no where to go.

Word got back to Gifts of Grace representatives that she went missing. Gifts of Grace was able to assist local law enforcement in helping track her location on her cell phone and finding out from members of the community where her boyfriend was living..

Almost a week into her exploitation, the police burst though the door and arrested her boyfriend and rescued our young girl from his perverted clutches.

Now back home, Gifts of Grace has helped fund the legal services for this young girl to continue to pursue justice abasing those who abused her. We have also help fund her aftercare services, including her therapy for all the suffering she had to go through at the hands of this monster.

It is because of your donations that Gifts of Grace was able to come to her rescue. It was you who came for her,. When our team arrived on site her first words were "you've found this place!" in unbelief that rescue had finally come for her. Her week in hell was over, and as long as there are other kids in that same situation we will come for them.

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