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Returning Home

*Penny was a young girl living in a very dysfunctional family. Dad didn't want anything to do with her because he was too busy having affairs and mom was too busy with her drugs to pay attention to the details in Penny's life.

She found attention online where she met a boyfriend. Despite having never met him in person, she found herself drawn to the attention she was receiving through him. They decided to meet up and run away on the Amazon River.

While on the Amazon River, Penny's boyfriend told her she has a couple new jobs to fill. The first one would be to deliver drugs to all the locations marked on the map that he had given her, and the second would be to offer any sexual services they desired during delivery. She was 15 years old. Due to the threat of beatings and the confusion of love, Penny had no choice.

After nearly a year being trafficked as a drug mule and a sex slave, Penny and her newly born daughter were rescued by the local police in Peru.

After spending nearly a year and a half in an aftercare in Peru, they finally found family members that would care for Penny if she returned to Colombia. However, the aftercare home did not have the funds to pay for the trip.

Thats where Gifts of Grace and your generous support stepped in. Gifts of Grace not only paid for the whole boat trip back to Colombia, but also paid for a social worker to stay with her the whole time. Also, Gifts of Grace coordinated efforts. to provide her for solid aftercare support once she reached Colombia.

Thank you for allowing us to supporting survivors all over Latin America in their search for justice and rehabilitation. Gifts of Grace steps in where we can to provide needs that others can't fill and we have you to thank for it.

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