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High School Students Fighting for Human Trafficking Laws in Wyoming

After hearing about the issue of modern day slavery at a local high school assembly, two high school students at Star Valley High School in Afton, Wyoming decided to do something about it.

Abbie Nield and Millie Merritt are taking the fight to the capital city of Cheyenne to advocate for stronger legislation and more awareness about human trafficking in Wyoming.

Wyoming is well below the national average when it comes to fighting modern day slavery. In the latest Shared Hope State by State grades, Wyoming received a D. These two girls are looking to change that.

The bill would focus on helping increase funding for more investigative teams, especially when it comes to the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. It would also require educational facilities across the state to talk about the topic, bringing awareness to the issue and educating on tactics that traffickers use across the United States.

They took their bill to the jr. legislation to complete against 7 other high schools in Wyoming and their Sex Trafficking Bill passed!

They head to Cheyenne soon to fight for this law. We will keep you updated on their progress!

Thanks Millie and Abbi! We are so proud of you!

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