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Taken from the Jungle, Rescued in the City

Little *Milli was taken from the jungle by a women when she was just 2 years old. She barely remembers the life she had or even who her family is in that region of the world. She was taken and trafficked to the capital city of Lima, where her trafficker would soon begin to profit off her exploitation.

Her trafficker would sell her as a housemaid, someone who would clear your house for 20 hours a day. And if you were a male client, her trafficker offered her up for sex after she cleaned your house for an additional price.

After nearly 4 years of this type of abuse, an old women who hired the young girl noticed something was off, call the authorities which resulted in her rescue.

She is now living in a safe home in Lima, Peru. Since being connected with Gifts of Grace, Gifts of Grace is helping her

1) Pursue legal action against her traffickers. When she first came to this safe house, they were unaware that it was a trafficking case. Now that they know, Gifts of Grace is helping connect them to legal parties who has track down her trafficker and put her behind bars.

2) Educational services. Gifts of Grace is committed to helping her catch up in school. She missed nearly 5 years of education. Your donations are behind her helping her to catch up in school and continue to excel in her academics.

3) Find her family. Searching missing person files and assisting in different testing. It is a long shot, like finding a needle in a haystack. However, with your prayers and support, we've found the needle before and we can do it again.

To support *Millie and girls like her, click on the link below and become a monthly donor today!

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