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They Promised the World..

One of the most prominent things about Gifts of Grace is our focus on prevention. Through education and empowerment, we can save hundreds before their exploitation ever starts.

An example of this is *Marcy in the Dominican Republic. Marcy lives in a village where sexual exploitation and human trafficking are a common form of life. In fact, 3 years ago, a man came to her house and asked for her old sister. She was 15 years old. Marcy's dad accepted economic payment and sold his own daughter into a child marriage. Marcy was 8 at the time.

When we first found Marcy, she was living in a vulnerable situation not only from what happened to her sister, but also by how she was living. She wasn't in school. The best way to prevent trafficking is through the power of education. With education and empowerment, girls can be saved from exploitation.

We were able to put Marcy into school, where she is receiving very good grades! She was also able to become educated on what human trafficking looks like and the warnings associated with traffickers.

One day two women showed up at her house complimenting Marcy on her beauty. They told her she could be a model, could work, and could send money home to her family. The only thing she needs to do is to come live with them in another area of the country. In Marcy's words, "they promised me the world." Because of the training that she received, she was able to tell who these people were and report them to the authorities. They never came back.

Marcy remains in school and reminds watched over and protected by members of Gifts of Grace. Earlier this year, she was able to meet Mike Tomlin and share her story with him. We rescued her before her nightmare ever began. You can also help us rescue an untold number of vulnerable children.

Donate now to help us prevent trafficking.

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