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He lived in my house...

Becky is a survivor of human trafficking in Central America. Her story in heartbreaking and inspiring on how a young girl living in the worst kind of hell can help herself get out. "The hardest part of dealing with my abuser was that he lived in my house.."

"Becky's stepfather used to come into her room at night, weather by himself or with other men and used to do terrible things to her. Her mother, fearful of her father's violent outbursts, would never say a word. Becky had no one to count on. So she counted on herself.

On night where Becky's stepfather would come into her room, Becky would set up a tape recorder where she would record the abuse she was taking. Her hope was to gather enough physical proof so that she would be believed when she went to ask for help. She recorded over 10 recordings of her step father and his friends. All preparing for when she could finally have enough evidence for her to be believed...

Before her 12th birthday, the abuse continued and Becky finally felt like she had enough. She went to the police station, presented all the documentation of her abuse, and waiting for legal action. A few hours later, the police took her father/mother and her abusers to jail.

After the police arrested her family, Becky went to an aftercare home where she took advantage of every opportunity given to her, just recently having completed an internship at a local church. But the time has come to Becky to go to college. The cost of her education is $140 a month. Through your generous donations, Gifts of Grace is able to provide for her college education!

To continue to support Becky in her schooling, please donate at

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