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They put me on a boat...

Samuel was abused most of his childhood. He had a father who frequently took advantage of his son and began to sell his son to the highest bidder when he had debts to pay off. He wanted to show his son what "real men did to those who are weaker than them."

The city of Cartagena is a haven for tourists seeking sex with children.

Samuel ran away when he was around 11 years old and was tricked into a trafficking ring by Miss Cartagena. She was famous, she was influencial, and she used that to recruit vulnerable youth to sell to tourists visiting the city of Cartagena.

"One day, they told me about a big party. They put me on this boat where they told me that I was to have sex with over 10 American men. I stared to cry and I begged them for cocaine so that it would help numb they pain. They took me to an island. I was surrounded on all sides, no where to run."

The party never came to pass. Police stormed the island and arrested all involved, rescued Samuel and sent him to an aftercare facility in Colombia where he could begin healing from his trauma. He stayed there until he aged out of the program.

Once graduated, he found that he had a passion for hair! He loved to do hair and to make people look beautiful. He got a job at a 5 star hotel in Colombia and catered to many American clients. He dream is to open his own salon and cater to his American clients, but only one thing was missing. English.

Gifts of Grace stepped in. You stepped in! You helped fund the classes that Samuel is currently taking to learn English and one day open up his own Salon! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It is because of your donations that we are able to empower him to follow his dreams. You are truly Dream Savers.

to support survivors like *Samuel, click on the link to donate

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