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Gifts of Grace 2017

What a year it has been! What started out as a small idea on the 6th of January 2010 has blossomed into over 100 girls being enrolled in school! What a great blessing! When we originally planned to start Gifts of Grace we had no idea it would become what it is today. Through the blessings from above and the great generosity of so many family, friends, and strangers alike, we are able to continue to empower girls in the Dominican Republic before evil men and woman exploit their venerability.

A few of the highlights from this year.

1) We put our 100th child in school!

2) We had the tremendous honor of Mia Love visiting our location and seeing exactly what we are about.

3) Francis Ortiz preformed legal services for the Dominican anti trafficking unit. He helped put the daughters of survivors of human trafficking in school while they wait for their visas to come though for residency in the Dominican Republic.

4) A Saturday School Program. Our partners enable us so that we are able to educate the girls not just in the classroom but on weekends too. They also donated a table so that more girls can attend!

5) Our services opportunities like Project Valentine and the Food Drive are still feeding over 10,000 people and visiting widows on valentines day.

6) We added a program in Haiti! You can now donate to feed children in a rural community in Haiti, meeting an immediate need in that community.

7) Volunteers raising money through online campaigns to support our growing ministry!

We have lots of big plans for 2018. Continued growth is essential for Gifts of Grace. We want to continue to outrun the traffickers and other evil forces. We want to get to these kids first and protect them from exploitation and empower them to have bright futures. We want to hold a Gala this year and invite all those who have been so supportive to come and join with us in a celebration of what we've accomplished and what we still yet need to accomplish.

We love you all! Gifts of Grace wouldn't be where it is without your help. Gifts of Grace belongs to God, and it belongs to you. Let's make 2018 great!

3) Francis Oor

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