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Gifts of Grace 2016

What an amazing year!

2016 has been the biggest year so far in the mission and ministry of Gifts of Grace. What has been able to occur in this organization this year has been nothing short of a miracle. Gifts of Grace truly belongs to God, to the kids we serve, and to you! Here were some of our highlights from this year.

We officially became tax exempt! All Donations are tax deductible. Read about it and donate today!

Gifts of Grace, along with the 50 children we currently support, was able to add an additional 25 children to our education program! This is all thanks to your generous donations to make sure that kids are taught, not trafficked. Dominican Republic has the third highest growth rate for human trafficking in the world. Your donations help keep God's precious children out of the hands of evil men.

Numerous partnerships came into play this year in the efforts to provide opportunity and avoid exploitation for children. A few of those partnerships included.

Operation Shield-a rehabilitation organization based out of Haiti

Caminate Proyecto Educativo-a rescue home from rescued children in the Dominican Republic.

End Slavery Now-A site that finds volunteers for people wanting to end slavery.

The Abolitionist Movement- A TV producing company dedicated to spread awareness and hope in the fight against child sex trafficking.

The Heart Mothers- A group of mothers who travel to mentor survivors of trafficking in Cambodia.

Gifts of Grace, in two food drives this year were able to feed over 10,000 people in south eastern Idaho!

This fall, Tyler had a chance to sit down with the University of Wyoming flagship program "Wyoming Signatures" and now that video is their top viewed video on Youtube.

We've got a Podcast! Enjoy Gifts of Grace Founder Tyler Schwab and CLO Mitchell Schwab as they sit down with guests who volunteer with Gifts of Grace as well as other organizations who are fighting exploitation in all its vile forms.

We had a chance to sit down with a former labor slave from Haiti. Read his story. (Reader Digression Advised)

Amazon Smile and Loftti are two ways you can support Gifts of Grace just by shopping online.

Awareness events and documentaries in Rexburg, Cheyenne, and Afton helped raise awareness for the growing evil that is child sex trafficking,

Gifts of Grace started its first ever "Project Valentine" a project in which we partnered with orgaznations like Adopt a Grandparent and BYU-Idaho to surpass widows with a valentines gift.

We inspired a play! Cheyenne East High School performed a play called "38.5 million" inspired by the mission of Gifts of Grace!

Our proudest moment by far was the story shared to us by two of our girls. The story of traffickers coming into their town and promising jobs, school, and becoming famous. Traffickers often use this in their attempt to lure young girls into sexual exploitation. But not these girls, these girls are already in school and knew exactly who these monsters were. Cops were called, a tragedy avoided, and the goal of protecting innocent children from exploitation furthered.

We hope you'll continue to support this cause and protect our children from the worst forms of exploitation!

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