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Human Trafficking in Wyoming 2017-2020

TRAFFICKING IN WYOMING Overview of 2017-2020 Cases Fast Facts In 2013 Wyoming became the 50th state to outlaw human trafficking (Polaris). 2,407 sex offenders in the state of Wyoming (Safehome.org). Of 43 methamphetamine cases in Wyoming in 2019, 10% are Human Trafficking cases The top 3 venues for trafficking in Wyoming are: strip clubs, hotel’s, and other venues (Office of Women’s Health). Per 100,000 children, 46.16 are sexually abused in Wyoming (Safehome.org). According to Safe Home Project, Wyoming received a C grading for their sex trafficking laws; receiving their weakest grading in criminal provisions addressing demand and criminal provisions for traffickers. Wyoming Trafficking Cas

Love With No Strings Attached

Love That’s Finally Free A doomsday cult was all 8-year old Natalie knew when she was rescued from a life of sexual abuse in Peru. The cult’s “prophet” leader had multiple wives, but would request sexual sessions with children, including Natalie. An outsider tipped local law enforcement and Natalie was rescued. Gifts of Grace is helping her through the trial process as her abusers are brought to justice. As the COVID-19 pandemic initiated, we were able to supply the entire home with masks and cleaning supplies. The kids are also being supported in their educational needs. Natalie shared that what she loves most is that she ask for things without having to “give or do something in return.” To

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