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2019 In Review

Gifts of Grace just finished up our most successful year yet! We couldn't do this life saving work without you. While there are still many more children who are in need of help, we want to take time to celebrate and thank you for the nearly 1500 children who have been impacted since our inspection. A few highlights this year... Dominican Republic -The opening of our new training center in Santo Domingo. This area will be used as an educational refuge for children in the area as well as a safe place to come in cases of danger and exploitation. -We continue to provide education and scholarships to survivors of human trafficking, sexual exploitation and child pornography. This year, we increase

Thankful to Be Alive

Raped in her own home. Baby on the way. Unbroken. A 14-year old young woman, Nanette (names have been changed), knew that she lived in a dangerous area of Santo Domingo and was often very cautious. Unbeknownst to her a man around 45-years old had been watching and spying on her. One night Nanette’s mother was working late at night, leaving her relatively unprotected and vulnerable. This man broke into their home and raped her. She later found out that she had fallen pregnant from that abuse. Our Gifts of Grace Aftercare team in the Dominican Republic was able to provide psychological services so Nanette could first understand that what had happened was in no way her fault. She was empowered

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