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"Help! They are taking me to Haiti!"

We met *Maci over a phone call less than a week ago. Maci is a young girl who fled to the Dominican Republic to escape the growing violence and economic collapse in her home country of Venezula. She arrived in Dominican Republic safe and sound. D.R. has been very accepting of refugees fleeing South America! She got a good job, and began sending money back to her family in Venezula. While Maci continued to have success in her new home, her family back in Venezula were still suffering in poverty and political unrest. During this time, her grandmother became very ill, needing an emergency surgery. Maci needed to look for an additional source of income. She came into contact with a man named Leo

"He Made Me Watch"

*Kathy was a young girl in Central America who enjoyed playing just like any other kid. Her older sister was her best friend, always chasing her in the street, always sneaking away to find wild fruit, and always having someone to be with. They lived life just like any other pair of sisters in the world. When Kathy was just 6 years old, her father died in a car crash and her mother remarried 6 months later. This man, however, was very different from her father. It started when her step father would begin having sex with her mother while Kathy and her sister were in the same room. This occurred for about 6 months. Kathy was a big fan of Dora the Explorer, and she liked to watch Dora while play

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