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"You Protected Me"

Vicky was born to a drugged addicted father and a alcohol loving mother. She was born and then taken to a Central American country where in her very first few days of life, her parents decided to put her on the auction block to fuel their drug addiction. Before the transaction happened, the police intervened to rescue the young infant. Gifts of Grace encountered this young girl over the last several years as she grew up in a small little orphanage in the capital city of this Central American country. Upon further discussions with her and the directors of the orphanage, we found that she struggled to learn. This little girl asked for our help and we gladly provided. Due to your generous donat

Returning Home

*Penny was a young girl living in a very dysfunctional family. Dad didn't want anything to do with her because he was too busy having affairs and mom was too busy with her drugs to pay attention to the details in Penny's life. She found attention online where she met a boyfriend. Despite having never met him in person, she found herself drawn to the attention she was receiving through him. They decided to meet up and run away on the Amazon River. While on the Amazon River, Penny's boyfriend told her she has a couple new jobs to fill. The first one would be to deliver drugs to all the locations marked on the map that he had given her, and the second would be to offer any sexual services they

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