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2018 In Review..

What a year 2018 has been! It has been the most successful year so far in the history of Gifts of Grace! It has been our most successful fundraising year, and that as a result as lead to more prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation for survivors of trafficking all over Latin America. We've expanded our reach in 2018. What began as a prevention organization focused in the Dominican Republic, we have expanded our prevention efforts to places like Haiti in the form of our feeding program and education outreach to children in the village of Mouie. Our awesome team lead by Katie Roberts did a weeklong outreach in Haiti earlier this year. Our invention efforts have also expanded! We are curre

They Promised the World..

One of the most prominent things about Gifts of Grace is our focus on prevention. Through education and empowerment, we can save hundreds before their exploitation ever starts. An example of this is *Marcy in the Dominican Republic. Marcy lives in a village where sexual exploitation and human trafficking are a common form of life. In fact, 3 years ago, a man came to her house and asked for her old sister. She was 15 years old. Marcy's dad accepted economic payment and sold his own daughter into a child marriage. Marcy was 8 at the time. When we first found Marcy, she was living in a vulnerable situation not only from what happened to her sister, but also by how she was living. She wasn't in

He lived in my house...

Becky is a survivor of human trafficking in Central America. Her story in heartbreaking and inspiring on how a young girl living in the worst kind of hell can help herself get out. "The hardest part of dealing with my abuser was that he lived in my house.." "Becky's stepfather used to come into her room at night, weather by himself or with other men and used to do terrible things to her. Her mother, fearful of her father's violent outbursts, would never say a word. Becky had no one to count on. So she counted on herself. On night where Becky's stepfather would come into her room, Becky would set up a tape recorder where she would record the abuse she was taking. Her hope was to gather enough

They put me on a boat...

Samuel was abused most of his childhood. He had a father who frequently took advantage of his son and began to sell his son to the highest bidder when he had debts to pay off. He wanted to show his son what "real men did to those who are weaker than them." Samuel ran away when he was around 11 years old and was tricked into a trafficking ring by Miss Cartagena. She was famous, she was influencial, and she used that to recruit vulnerable youth to sell to tourists visiting the city of Cartagena. "One day, they told me about a big party. They put me on this boat where they told me that I was to have sex with over 10 American men. I stared to cry and I begged them for cocaine so that it would he

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