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Restavek: 25 Questions with a former child slave

(all images are linked to their original source) "Restavek is a form of modern-day slavery that persists in Haiti as well in some parts of the Dominican Republic, affecting one in every 15 children. Typically born into poor rural families, restavek children are often given to relatives or strangers. In their new homes, they become domestic slaves, performing menial tasks for no pay." We enjoy many things in the United States and today. Being Independence Day, it is a perfect time to reflect on how to help others who don't share the freedom the US enjoys. Tonight, while your watching the fireworks and enjoying your food please remember those who do not enjoy the same blessings as you do. I ha

Hope and A Future

I would first like to thank all of our Fanatics who donated to make this Education Conference possible! We literally couldn't have done this for all our kids without you! We have said from the beginning that Gifts of Grace belongs to God, it belongs to the kids, and it belongs to you! The Gifts of Grace Dominican Education Conference brings in some of the poorest children in Santo Domingo (ages 5-17). Some of these kids have never been school, can't read, and are prime targets of those seeking to exploit them for child labor or sex tourism. Along with the 60 kids we were able to help last year, we were able to add an additional 15 this year! The topics of the education conference include hea

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